A personal history of Irish Go

Posté par northlecale le 13 avril 2014

I began putting this collection of Irish Go History together in April 2014. Over the years, I’ve had a few projects concerning Go, this is the second one of a real historical nature. The first was actually an Irish Game Archive, which started out on notepad because most of the internet was firewalled in work. The others will be touched on within these pages. This site aims to cover a few topics:

  • The Irish Championships, because everyone loves tables.
  • Player Profiles, to add some background information about the names who will appear here.
  • Special Events, well this is really only about the European Go Congress in Dublin 2001.
  • Ancient History, or rather the history of Go in Ireland before I started playing.
  • Personal History, my own recollections of Go in Ireland, together with what else occurred at the events I missed out on.
  • You may also find the links page to be of interest.

There are clearly other things which deserve coverage. Since I do not have unlimited free time, and I do not intend to spend all of that which I have on this project, those things which are of less interest to me have been cruelly cast aside. I suppose that you may wonder why I decided to write all this. It is true that I have always envied the Irish Chess Archive which was constructed by Mark Orr. Although that was one clear factor, there where several other motivational factors behind my decision, most of which concerned events which happened in a short sequence of time. I apologize for the morbid nature of this, but quite genuinely, the first was learning of the death of several players I had known. It is quite natural that the receipt of such news will cause one to think back, to remember again the past. One consequence of this was that I realised that now only a few of those who had taught me this game were still alive. The Tournoi de Frioul also provided a push, for there I had met by chance a man who wanted to record an interview with myself, and others, about the history of the game in each of our respective countries. That caused me to think what had I to say on the subject of Go in Ireland? Nothing coherent or impressive was most probably the correct answer. The final reason was that there is always this slight sorrow I have in losing track of the resources we used to have on Geocities, along with the aforementioned collection of games I used to maintain.

Credits: The following all responded to pleas for help, even if if they responded with nothing much of use :)

Guo Juan, Lucretiu Calota, Charles Matthews, Chris Meyer, Noel Mitchell, John Kenny, John Gibson, Michael Reiss, and lastly GoSWF

Status Notes: The first draft, which was very much a draft, was completed on August 3rd 2014. After a vacation in Bordeaux, on the 24th of August the changes from second draft began to be added. On September 17th 2014, occasional updates started again. After a special event in October 2014 a complete hiatus took place until May 2015.

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