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A few lines

Posté par northlecale le 4 juillet 2016

The following is a small representation of activity in the Irish Go scene. It uses only the European Go Database as a source for data, and thus it is obviously incomplete. We can add some further points, like 2016 being incomplete, some tournaments being split into 2 parts and myself not having the resolve to handle that, and perhaps some events never ever being submitted. Still, it might help to show a few things about the progress of Go in our country. To start with I should explain that Ireland is meant in the geographical sense, that is to say that we blown up the border between the North and the South for the purposes of this little chart. New players are not just those guys who are new to the game, they are also migrant players who happen to pop over to live in Ireland – which is incidentally a very good and proper thing to do.

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Given the lack of any other data source, you can’t make any great pronouncements about what you see here on this chart. I would say it shows that we had a boom in activity that started around 2007 / 2008. Although it hasn’t translated into membership numbers as much as we might like it have done, the blue line of new players shows us that we are still in a reasonably healthy state. Even if not all of us have as much time to play as we would like to, Go is still progressing into the country.

Key Definition
New The number of international players playing their first tournament in Ireland AND the number of irish playing their first tournament in a given year
Act The total number of tournaments any Irish Resident or Irish Citizen played in the given year
All The number of Irish (Resident or Citizen) playing a tournament in the given year

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