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Death of Brian Gallagher

Posté par northlecale le 16 février 2017

I learnt tonight of the death of Brian Gallagher. He had actually passed away some time ago, right at the end of 2016. A notice was already on the Irish Chess Union website. It seems trite to say it, but it certainly wasn’t the nicest thing to discover. He was only 17 years older than myself, and one of the strong kyu players I had trouble battling against on my visits to Dublin back in the day. Brian managed rather well the Collegians Go Club website back in the days of Geocities, and was twice our representative at the World Amateur Go Championships. Technically he lacked a certain amount of information, for he was want not to learn joseki, but to delve by himself into the game. He was still sharp though, picking up 3rd place in the Top-8. Although detached from Go in recent years (effectively he quit in 2009), he still kept on with Chess. A nice fellow, who left us too soon.

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Death of Tony Goddard

Posté par northlecale le 1 février 2017

I learnt of the death of Tony Goddard through a posting to the BGA’s GoTalk list. The email was from Jon Diamond, an old sparring partner of Tony’s. They contested the British Championship together a number of times. A few days after reading the email I am still sad to learn of his passing. Not knowing him very well, I am in no place to write a decent obituary, but I would note a few things about him. As well as the results listed here on Senseis Library he won the Irish Open in 1994 and a mini-tournament in Belfast in 1992. He was living in Belfast around that time, working at QUB by all accounts, and made a small club there. Paul Donnelly learnt a lot from him. They were two ghosts that I chased after for some time. I was pleased to have been able to meet and talk with Tony at the London Open many years ago.

From his own website, I would recommend reading this, this, this, and this. Reading those will take you a while, but its worth it if you are, or were, interested in Tony.

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