Death of Tony Goddard

Posté par northlecale le 1 février 2017

I learnt of the death of Tony Goddard through a posting to the BGA’s GoTalk list. The email was from Jon Diamond, an old sparring partner of Tony’s. They contested the British Championship together a number of times. A few days after reading the email I am still sad to learn of his passing. Not knowing him very well, I am in no place to write a decent obituary, but I would note a few things about him. As well as the results listed here on Senseis Library he won the Irish Open in 1994 and a mini-tournament in Belfast in 1992. He was living in Belfast around that time, working at QUB by all accounts, and made a small club there. Paul Donnelly learnt a lot from him. They were two ghosts that I chased after for some time. I was pleased to have been able to meet and talk with Tony at the London Open many years ago.

From his own website, I would recommend reading this, this, this, and this. Reading those will take you a while, but its worth it if you are, or were, interested in Tony.

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