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Posté par northlecale le 16 juillet 2018

My opinion of organisations is probably shaped by those I grew up with. Chess Associations being filled with old men, with occaisonal slightly bitchy tendencies, but basically the best interests of the game and the players at heart – that’s kind of what I expect. I had that, or something close to that with the BGA and the IGA. It was a bit of a culture shock to learn what the hell was going on with Italian Go in the days of the Soletti show. ( for example) This was something which it actually took a police arrest to bring to an end. I’ve now seen a kind of deja-vu with the situation in Romania Go.

My translation, which isn’t a great translation, but it does give the basic idea, is this:
« In my point of view, Sora and Bordea are toxic to the Go Community of Romania. I don’t want them in my events, or to play with them, and if I am drawn against them I won’t show up. » Now, these two guys are the President and the Secretary of the Association. So back story time. A few years ago there was a group of people who hand theirs hands on the tiller, and where milking the government funding whilst not promoting the game (pretty much) at all. After quite a difficult fight, they were ousted. Trouble is, nobody really wanted to replace them. Bordea was part of the old regime. The ins and outs of the current regime aren’t totally clear to me yet, but it seems like the old ways came back into being. You can tell that’s the case when somebody comes out with some shit to question if Catalin Taranu can be a national trainer. Anyway, the lesson seems to be clear. If you care about the game, you have to care about the organisation. If you don’t look after it, don’t be surprised if somebody dicks around with it, and don’t be upset either, not unless you realise that you were partly to blame.

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