Posté par northlecale le 24 décembre 2018

The disco lights are flashing and the dispassionate American narrator has begun talking.  I have very few plans for Go this year. PGETC has so far failed to produce anything significantly motivating. The second game of this year lasted for just 1 corner, and the third didn’t even happen. Perhaps it is safe to expect a little more from the remainder, but I’m not particularly optimistic. I plan to use LZ6 to plot some things related to my ICC games this year. Updating the table relating to this event can still prove to be the most substantial piece of activity I’ll undertake in 2019. My main activities for 2019 will undoubtably be reading, which is a much neglected pleasure I have been able to reactivate, and trying my hand at screenplay for the sheer heck of it. Exploding cows are a must there.

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