Murphy’s Law

Posté par northlecale le 10 mai 2019

The Transatlantic Professional Go Team Challenge is a win and continue event between the two newest professional Go organisations. For the past few years some of us have been thinking that it would be nice for the two baby organisatons to have a competition. Now it is finally happening in the evervescent location of KGS.

I expected Europe to be wiped out, but instead Mateusz Surma won the first three games. When it came time to play game four something bad happened. The subsequent melodrama has been quite entertaining in itself. What actually happened then? Well Mateusz was won on the board with about 10 moves left, when he lagged out. He claims that he played with over 10 seconds remaining, but that his move was lost in the ether.

There is a Proctor sitting with each player to check that they don’t cheat during the game. It isn’t clear if the proctor is monitoring the clock, but you’d imagine that they would be watching the game. There doesn’t appear to have been a referee as such. What would you do here? What would Sai do? As far as I can see there are 4 options.

1 Take the win on time, because lag doesn’t matter.
2 Resume the game because the clock was faulty.
3 Rematch.
4 Double Default both players.

Options 3 and 4 are diplomatic options. Options 1 and 2 are basically saying that you’re either a rules freak or a stickler for the spirit of the game. I would favour 2 as the best solution, but a diplomatic solution cannot be bad in such circumstances.

What has actually happened? Well of course North America are initially declared the winners. Europe protested, a new decision was given, and North America have appealed that. We don’t know what the new decision was, but you have to imagine that it was either 2, 3, or 4. The final decision will be made face to face over at the IMSA games in the People’s Republic of China. We all await the result with bated breath.
The moral of the story? When you organise a tournament, always be prepared for the worst eventuality or it will surely happen.

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