Irish Championship

The Irish championship is decided via a league format, with the top 2 playing a short title match. You can see the exact rules and current state of play on this page.Since 2010, we introduced a kick-off weekend tournament. This was designed to handle the difficulty of arranging games between people who lived in different corners of the island. The 2014, is the only championship were 2 players forgot to turn up, and thus defaulted all their games. Lots of other championships have had defaults however. Of course, since all the known competition records are available on the Irish Go website, we are not going to simply repeat them here. Instead, we’re going to show them in a different format.

Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
2018 ? ? Kevin Farrell Tiberiu Gociu, Noel Mitchell Michael Thai John Courtney Steve Flinter
2017 Philippe Renaut Noel Mitchell Steve Flinter Claas Roever, Michael Thai, Matei Garcia John Gibson Peter Kasko
2016 James Hutchinson Noel Mitchell Michael Thai Steve Flinter John Gibson, Tiberiu Gociu, Chris Rafferty -
2015 Philippe Renaut James Hutchinson Noel Mitchell Roman Pszonka John Gibson Peter Kasko Thomas Shanahan Tiberiu Gociu
2014 James Hutchinson+ Roman Pszonka Noel Mitchell Thomas Shanahan Tiberiu Gociu John Gibson - -
2013 Noel Mitchell Roman Pszonka Claas Roever Rory Wales James Hutchinson Eoghan Barry Justyna Kleczar John Gibson
2012 Roman Pszonka James Hutchinson Ian Davis Colin MacSweeny Noel Mitchell Justnya Kleczar Tiberiu Gociu John Gibson
2011 James Hutchinson Ian Davis Colin MacSweeny Noel Mitchell Claas Roever Eoghan Barry Rory Wales John Gibson
2010 Ian Davis James Hutchinson Noel Mitchell Eoghan Barry John Gibson Rory Wales, Colin MacSweeney, Michael Thai
2009 Ian Davis Claas Roever Noel Mitchell Cao Tong Yu Colin MacSweeny Michael Thai Brian Gallagher  -
2008 Claas Roever Noel Mitchell Stephen Flinter Ian Davis John Gibson Gallagher Brian, Bernard Palmer Olivier Deme
2007 Ian Davis Stephen Flinter Noel Mitchell Terence McSweeney Claas Roever Olivier Deme Brian Gallagher Bernard Palmer
2006 Noel Mitchell Stephen Flinter Ian Davis Claas Roever Chris Rafferty Brian Gallagher Paul Atling  -
2005 Noel Mitchell Stephen Flinter Ian Davis Ka Chun Leung Brian Gallagher Aidan Walsh John Gibson Olivier Deme
2004 Noel Mitchell Stephen Flinter Olivier Deme Aidan Walsh, John Gibson, Paul Brennan Chris Rafferty Bernard Palmer
2003 Noel Mitchell Stephen Flinter John Gibson Aidan Walsh Brian Gallagher, Chris Rafferty Paul Brennan Tom Murphy
2002 Noel Mitchell Stephen Flinter John Gibson, Brian Gallagher Aidan Walsh Bernard Palmer, Chris Rafferty Paul Atling
2001 Noel Mitchell Stephen Flinter John Gibson Brian Gallagher Bernard Palmer Chris Rafferty, Aidan Walsh, Paul Atling
2000 Stephen Flinter Noel Mitchell Brian Gallagher Chris Rafferty John Gibson Paul Atling Bernard Palmer, Aidan Murphy
1999 Noel Mitchell Stephen Flinter Brian Gallagher Aidan Egan Chris Rafferty, John Gibson, Bernard Palmer Aidan Murphy
1998 Noel Mitchell Stephen Flinter Chris Rafferty Brian Gallagher Bernard Palmer John Gibson Pol O’Gradaigh Aidan Walsh
1997 Noel Mitchell Stephen Flinter Paul Donnelly  Chris Rafferty  John Gibson  Brian Gallagher  Aidan Walsh  Bernard Palmer
1996 Noel Mitchell Paul Donnelly Stephen Flinter Chris Rafferty   Brian Gallagher  John Gibson  Aidan Walsh  Bernard Palmer
1995 Stephen Flinter Noel Mitchell Paul Donnelly Chris Rafferty   Brian Gallagher Bernard Palmer  John Gibson  Aidan Walsh
1994 Noel Mitchell              
1993 Noel Mitchell  John Gibson  Chris Rafferty,Brian Gallagher Aidan Murphy,Stephen Flinter Aidan Walsh  Bernard Palmer 
1992 Noel Mitchell Bernard Palmer  Aidan Murphy  Brian Gallagher  John Gibson  Paul Atling  Chris Rafferty  Tom Murphy
1991 Noel Mitchell  Damien Lynch            
1990 Noel Mitchell  Paul Eustace            

In 1990, the Championship was part of the Irish Open, whilst in 1991, 4 players who were over 6k took part. After this the running of the championship starts to be split over two years, so thus the 1993 championship began in 1992. So although Noel is listed as Champion from 1990 until 1995, it is not yet clear how he won the title 5 times. These years may need correcting!

+ The 2014 championship finished on the 31st of May 2015, and was awarded by adjudication to James Hutchinson who was 1-0 up in the final against Roman Pszonka.

last updated 11 Feb 2019

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